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Scientifically Formulated

SENTÉ brings biotechnology experience and the rigor of scientific formulations to the skincare market. SENTÉ collaborates with leading scientists from around the world to develop age management products that clinically prove to be effective and safe. SENTÉ believes that science and rigorous clinical study must drive product innovation in the development of topical skin care products.

Sente is the only company that has this new technology Heparan Sulfate in skincare. Sente is the only way to get it.

Why Heparan Sulfate is important

  • We are born with an abundance of Heparan Sulfate as we age we lose the molecule
  • After a skin cell loses Heparan Sulfate that cell dies. Heparan Sulfate is essential for skin health
  • When Heparan Sulfate enters you skin cell you own body’s growth factors are able to enter into the cell and make more healthy skin cells. This results in reduction in fine lines, wrinkles,improved skin texture and tone.